Predicting Customer Behaviour in 5 Steps

Prediction is the keyword on everybody’s lips. Whether it is Nate Silver predicting the US election (or not), or Facebook investing heavily in VR, business decisions should be based on the world of tomorrow, not on the world of today. Predictive analytics is taking off in the business world, and every business wants to know […]

Election polls: What are they good for?

Elections are a lot like sport — everyone wants to pick the winner. On one side, there are eager fans who scope out commentaries and inside stories from journalists. And on the other side, there are betting markets who use predictive modelling and experts to bias the winner. However, there is one important source that we are […]

Save time by outsourcing your brain to a bot

Doing the ‘Robot’ The robots are coming. No. The robots are here. In case you haven’t noticed, almost everything we do online includes some form of bot intelligence. Facebook, Google and Apple are investing heavily in machine learning (the technique where we teach machines to teach themselves). But what’s all the fuss? These companies have managed to […]